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CodeConceptDescriptionFuel StateVotes
tst1testtesthypothesisEasy to do.20
BurgerMealRecruit RobotRoyalty game and business concept generation tool: main requirements: the greatest gift is givingHot or cool ideas3
Halloumi2Recruit RobotCollaboration:common obstacles causing collabEasy to do.2
CaulifloweRecruit RobotIdea TreesTask priorities2
TomatoesRecruit RobotCollaboration Rules - inviting peopleImportant Capabilities1
234SliderEasy to do.0
1SliderEasy to do.0
2345S3Easy to do.0
BurgerRecruit RobotFlexible contacts should make a flexible labour marketEasy to do.0
CSS101Design RulesHTML and CSS study upEasy to do.-3
Alg004Algal bloomsLight limitations, turbidity worse, oxygen depletion, habitat alteration killing of fish and bottom grazing invertebratesCrazy Constraints-4